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Musashi Shears

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Renato Fuzz Platform Artist

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Renato Fuzz

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Haircutting Scissors
Styling Shears for the Professional Hair Cutter

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MR3 5.5 thumb swivel
Musashi MR6 5.5
Musashi MR22 7.0
MR28T 60
MR29 T
Complete six shear set

Purchase the Perfect Six Shear Set as pictured with the six shears shown above or customize it to your specific requirements.

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S12 5.5 Tranquility

Sonja Wright Reviews
Sayuri S12 5.5

Sayuri S12

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Pink Passion by Sayuri S8 5.5

Dorena Anderson Reviews
Sayuri S8 and Sayuri S9

Sayuri S9 28 Tooth

Lisa Salmon cutting with the
Sayuri S15 5.5

Golden Touch
Sayuri S6a
This shear is a favorite among professional stylists for it's ergonomic design, quality steel and smooth cutting power. In addition to the ergonomic finger and thumb holes, it sports a removable finger rest and a double camel for a comfortable feel to last through a long day of cutting. This fabulous 5.0 inch shear is also available in a 5.5 and 6.0 Length.
Sayuri S6
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